Pay TV Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

Stress-Busting Strategies for Profitable Pay TV Streaming

Do you still believe: 


  • It takes a minimum of 12 months to launch a new STB? 
  • Every new connected device you target requires a new custom app? 
  • You’ll need multiple backends to operate multiple streaming brands?
  • You need to employ a team of engineers to manage your streaming operations?


Then we have some surprising news for you:


Lots of Pay TV operators have found a less painful way to succeed
in the new era of streaming and still conserve their cash. 


Enter your details below to get the whitepaper,Pay TV Doesn’t Have To Be Painful and find out how 24i’s operator customers have: 


  • Replaced their streaming infrastructure, STB and streaming apps in 5 months
  • Run entire Pay TV operations with only one member of in-house staff
  • Launched three different brands on multiple screens with a single app codebase 
  • Maintained a great UX on all devices without stressing about OS updates